Assisting Partner Companies in transforming their Washing Stations from cost centers to profit centers

In today's competitive scenario, all this means above all supporting the management in revolutionizing the approach to Car Wash, no longer seeing it as a simple relationship between the use of resources and the amount of results obtained, but as a Center whose Manager is required to optimize the difference between costs and revenues, having the ability to at least affect the latter (sales prices, discounts), with the goal of maximizing profit.

Special attention in development programs is devoted to the issue of the "on site" approach, directly in the field: the MA-FRA Sales Network, thanks to direct and constant contact with the Manager, is the main tool for implementing this working methodology. The value of MA-FRA's consulting offer is represented by the ability to effectively integrate communication, technical assistance, business development and training in the proposal of effective solutions. MA-FRA, through its experts, guarantees constant research and updating of excellent solutions, while ensuring international circulation and exchange of information. MA-FRA ensures updating and development of various strategies through regular meetings with its sales force - CAR WASH SCHOOL - during which new products are presented and new business strategies are explained.

MA-FRA is not only this, however, and offers all-round consulting. It is to MA-FRA, in fact, that the major oil companies also turn to carry out market research on the various washing facilities which, through the dealer network, are then, concretely implemented.

Thanks also to the Federlavaggi, of which MA-FRA is a founding member, there has been a further tightening of relations with the main equipment manufacturers. In fact, inside the company, in the outdoor area, there are in rotation the different "portals" of the main manufacturers who, thanks also to this work, fine-tune and develop new technologies in a continuous dialectic with MA-FRA that leads to an exchange of ideas and mutual growth.

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