For MA-FRA, the concept of "green cleaning" has developed through several stages, which have seen our Company consistently excel in the industry as a low environmental impact Company.
In the early 1980s, being a leader in eco-sustainability was very courageous, especially considering that, at that time, the issue related to environmental protection was not particularly felt.
MA-FRA, however, has gained experience and expertise over time, managing to achieve performance and cost levels for its "green" detergents that are comparable to those of non-green products.
This is a great achievement, rewarding our company's nearly 40-year effort in the challenging task of environmental protection. 

Here are the main steps that have marked MA-FRA's approach to environmental protection:

Our company is committed to the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of its products through the application of new technologies and environmentally friendly active ingredients.
This is a primary objective that MA-FRA is committed to achieving by all means, with the involvement of everyone and through a training activity aimed also at its employees and collaborators. MA-FRA, in fact, wants to be, and is, recognized as a trusted partner by all its customers, the bearer of balanced industrial development and appreciated by the community.
On the organizational side, the adoption, first in the industry, of a quality and environmental management system in accordance with ISO-9001:2000 2015 and ISO-14001:2004 2015 standards provides the company with a tool capable of delivering a better degree of efficiency of both its products and business performance and processes.
To this end, process gauges, with associated performance indices, have been introduced to provide immediate evidence of process performance, environmental performance and any need for improvement.

All of this, but not only this, contributes to outlining what we like to call our "Life Style," a truly unique way of being that aims not just for quality as an end in itself but for something higher, a quality permeated by respect for nature and for others.


On the production side, the Unika line is a concrete step forward in terms of eco-sustainability: in fact, the entire line was developed with the goal of obtaining 14 hypercompatible high-performance products while reducing environmental impact.

Thus was born a line capable of simplifying the work of the professional, to whom it is dedicated, and of meeting the strictest European regulations on environmental protection. The waxes, while being free or low in hydrocarbons, are able to offer unparalleled shine, a lasting water-repellent effect and high self-drying characteristics. Thanks to environmentally friendly formulations, Unika Line products make it possible to recover and reuse 30 percent of the water in washing plants. This was not an easy goal to achieve, but it is the most difficult challenges that advance research and, together, people and companies.
MA-FRA has always been environmentally oriented, through concrete actions that are really courageous because they were implemented many years ago with enormous sacrifices, when it was really difficult to make the market understand the usefulness of employing environmentally friendly products.
Some examples? Our Company was the first to launch a CFC-free spray line, was the first to put into production a line of phosphate-free detergents, and was the first to develop a line of NTA-free formulations.
It is not enough simply to "paint a can green" to make a product "green eco-friendly" - MA-FRA knows this very well!

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