research and development


One of the most advanced companies in the industry-this is how the market recognizes us, and this is also thanks to our Research and Development Laboratory. The quality of our formulation offerings, which are constantly being updated and specific to each need, is guaranteed precisely by the cutting-edge nature of our in-house strategic unit.

The workshop is the heart of our activity. Everything started from here, all along. When our story began, our founder was testing the first product formulations in the bath. And it is thanks to his great insight and continuous experimentation with new solutions that over the years, with a lot of passion, knowledge and state-of-the-art instrumentation, we have been able to establish ourselves on the market for the quality of our products. 


Our guarantee: innovative and sustainable formulations

Today in MA-FRA we boast an evolved in-house R&D laboratory, where experienced chemists and detergent professionals, with the support of state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, enable us to create innovative and environmentally friendly formulations with standards that are difficult to match.

The in-house R&D center, which also boasts a laboratory specializing in wastewater testing and analysis, allows us continuous improvement processes on formulations and constant development in a sustainable key of new products. Approximately eight new formulations per year, characterized by a time to market of only 4 months, are testimony to this

our 55 years of experience allows us to be flexible,
experiment and create optimal solutions

Technology and Innovation

Research: our constant drive

The work of our R&D laboratory enables us to constantly enrich the range and, at the same time, address an ever-widening audience. One example of this is the products for cleaning and sanitizing objects, surfaces and environments, which our R&D lab was able to create in a short time after the spread of the Coronavirus. Again, the ability to respond effectively and quickly to market demands has proven to be our strength.

Alongside Research & Development, our headquarters also houses the Quality Control Laboratory, a space that allows us to maintain the high standards that the market recognizes even during production.

i forgive you technology

"I forgive you" technology allows the product to be removed as soon as it has been applied, in case of mistakes due to the special "two windows curing-time" engineering

pfas free

The acronym PFAS is an acronym for Fluorinated Alkyl Substances/Polys: it is a family of man-made chemical compounds that do not occur naturally in the environment used mainly in industry.

f.r.g. (fluid reverse in gel)

Viscosity varies according to the force applied to it; this allows the product to be nebulized in liquid form while, once the product reaches the surface, it can revert to an extremely adherent gel ensuring high...

the "h.a.g. (high adhesive gel) technology"

It makes it possible to obtain a viscous, gel-like product, but characterized by a high adhesive capacity on metal surfaces so as to ensure an extreme contact surface between active and decontaminant principles.

aql technology

It contains no bioacidic agents that can damage the most delicate surfaces and natural skins. It also contains functionalized homopolymers that can provide efficient water-repellent action and a pronounced "self-cleaning effect"

self-fast curing technology

Once the product is spread on the surface, the catalyst is activated and allows ultra-fast curing and a cure time of only 45 minutes, without the need for infrared lamps or special temperature and humidity conditions.

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