Changing the Market


With over 50 years of experience in the cleaning product industry, we are the ideal partner, supporting our customers in business development.

Whether it’s a car wash, a mass-market retail outlet or a DIY channel, our agents are qualified consultants who can advise customers on their choices and on the best product line for their specific needs.

Serving Car Washes

Our Guarantee: Innovative, Sustainable Formulas

Since the creation of the first products in the 1960s, we have sought to offer solutions designed to improve car wash operations, increase profitability and build customer loyalty. MA-FRA Group has inherited this philosophy and shares it with every part of the Group.

All our agents who go to car washes are also consultants. In a constantly evolving sector, where environmental regulations require specific actions to avoid severe penalties which could even lead to closure of the car wash itself, the ability to rely on a quality partner is of great importance, and we at MA-FRA Group can offer different solutions depending on the problem to be solved.

To ensure the best possible service, we work closely with car wash equipment manufacturers and are in constant contact with car wash professionals. Thanks to this experience and our extensive knowledge, not only can we provide the best detergent products, but we can also provide our customers with a network of consultants able to analyse each individual requirement, work up the most suitable solutions for each car wash and solve any problem while also saving time and money.

our 55 years of experience allow us to be flexible,
experiment and create optimal solutions

Everything for the Point of Sale

Our agents — true experts in cleaning products— are at the customer’s service, helping them select a suitable product for each specific need, creating a tailor-made assortment, whatever the type of structure or retail space. But that’s not all! Our contribution starts with supplying products and supporting materials and continues with dedicated consultancy and training.

For mass-market speciality retailers, we provide specific graphic tools and displays that clearly outline the way to use our products and highlights their features and benefits. We also provide interactive multimedia support to help end customers choose the right products. Thanks to these media, created in-house, we can offer guidance on the correct way to use each product based on the surface to be treated.

At the same time, we can advise and train the sales staff, supporting them in how to respond to customer requests and thus offer the best possible solutions for each specific cleaning need. With this approach, we share our expertise in cleaning products, making it available to shop managers, helping them become a reliable resource for their customers.

We have always kept a keen eye on market evolution and have often anticipated the trends, becoming the architects of change. Relying on a partner like MA-FRA Group ensures that you can always apply the most innovative solutions and tap into professional advice not available elsewhere on the market. You can always keep one step ahead!

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