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The result of over fifty years of experience in the field of car cleaning, MA-FRA Group represents all the values of the Mattioli family in terms of ethics, safety, quality and environmental protection. A success story and exciting growth that has led us to take on a leading role in a rapidly expanding market, providing innovative solutions and anticipating customer needs. A Group that leads in every area: organisation, research, production and marketing.

Cleaning Experience since 1965 — this is what the Mattioli family is all about MA-FRA has over 50 years of experience and success in the world of detergents, first in the automotive sector, then also for industrial and domestic applications.

Steady growth, marked by continuous innovations, has made us into a market benchmark, providing original ideas and solutions, anticipating trends and guidelines. And thanks to all this, we can give our customers high-tech products and excellent services.

Focus on the customer

Since the year it was founded, MA-FRA S.p.A. has always stood beside the customer — from the car wash professional, to car, motorbike and boat enthusiasts who are passionate about clean vehicles — helping them solve their daily problems easily and fully respecting the environment. This customer-oriented approach has made us a reliable partner, well versed in the customers’ needs, a partner who stands by them day in and day out, working together for their success. MA-FRA Group inherited this philosophy and shares it with every part of the Group.


Technology and automation: the productive heart of the Company.

The production activity of MA-FRA takes place in the absolute technical and technological excellence, products dedicated to the cleaning and care of cars, boats and motorcycles.
The production line uses a centralized management system for the mixing of the various components which also allows the storage of batches of raw materials used. The computer system dedicated to production has, inside, the entire company know-how: recipes, production method, injection order of various raw materials, mixing times. The packaging of liquid products takes place on automated lines in order to guarantee the highest quality of the finished product. Today, thirty tanks of capacity up to 50,000 Kg. each are intended for the mixing of semi-finished products, while thirty other large tanks host the raw materials with high rotation.

our 55 years of experience allow us to be flexible,
experiment and create optimal solutions


MA-FRA has always paid great attention to the resources operating in the Company.

For this reason, actions have been implemented to safeguard the specific know-how of each employee through the compilation of “Job Description” by all company resources, with subsequent sharing of the same with the direct managers and individual updating path. Another primary focus is constituted by the activities of “Team Building”, through actions of individual and group “empowerment” held by training professionals.

At MA-FRA, success really begins with the people: the individual talents and the tremendous motivation of all our workers are the assets that drive our company ahead of the competition. And so, to pursue this model, MA-FRA periodically organizes meetings between all the components of the company aimed at developing a qualitative leap in perception and role acted by individuals. These meetings, organized in collaboration with an agency specialized in staff training and development, have created within the group a new and stronger cohesion, transforming the normal collaborator in “manager” with proactive and active responsibilities, passing through confrontation with others and full integration into the working group.

Thanks to these activities, MA-FRA is positively moving towards process management, aimed at enhancing the multidisciplinary skills of each of its employees.

Quality and Innovation

The importance of relying on a quality company certified ISO 9001.

The quality of the formulas we offer, specific to each need and constantly updated, and our continuous innovation are guaranteed by a state-of-the-art Research & Development Laboratory and advanced production lines. The result is a line of products, fastidiously Made in Italy, manufactured in full compliance with the latest environmental protection regulations.

MA-FRA is one of the founding members of Federlavaggi which has, among its primary and indispensable objectives, to pursue and implement professionalism in plants: quality becomes, therefore, a mandatory and indispensable step to be transferred to the final customer.

If our Customer is a “do it yourself” Customer will always be sure to use the best you can find on the market. The products of the “FAI DA TE” line are born as derivations of the Professional line. Same formulations, identical quality, maximum ease and safety of use for greater performance.

ISO 9001

TÜV: ISO 9001




MA-FRA has participated since 1999 in the Best Factory Award held simultaneously by the L. Bocconi Commercial University, the Cranfield School of Management and the Export Akademie Baden-W.

quality consortium




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